Why I love affiliate marketing

I have been a successful entrepreneur and owned several businesses. I’ve also had several careers which have opened my eyes and given me the inside view of many business models. And lets face it, no business is easy or perfect. But some are easier than others and they all have their advantages and disadvantages.

The advantage of being in business in general Is huge- you have unlimited potential, no boss dictating how much you are able to earn and or what you are capable of creating. You make the rules when you’re the boss. I can go on and on with the list of perks and advantages to being an entrepreneur but I’ll stop here.

The downsides of being an entrepreneur, I will just name a few – having employees , having to rent space, having to maintain equipment, having to carry inventory, etc.- just to name a few. But not all businesses have all of these down sides. And so after many years of owning various businesses some successful some not so successful, I figured at this point in my life I wanted to have the ideal business so I began to research.

And the result of my research is the reason that I am in this online space, this journey to create a business with no employees, no office ( the world is my office), no equipment to speak of except a few pieces of computer equipment and some software.

It is my goal to create the perfect “dotcom life “ . A business that delivers multiple Passive income streams, and affords me the time freedom, the money freedom, and the location freedom to enjoy life and travel at will.

So that is why I love affiliate marketing. I earn commissions by promoting products that other people create. They even provide all of the marketing materials in most cases. Commissions range anywhere from a few dollars up to in the thousands.

I also have the option of creating my own products which I can sell myself and keep 100% of the profits and also have other affiliate marketers sell for me for which they Earn a commission. But the advantage of this is that I have an asset that sits on the shelf and can make money anytime.

So overall affiliate marketing in the Internet marketing space gives me the ability to make money virtually 24 hours a day without having to be available 24 hours a day, and I can do this from anywhere. So for example if I want to travel, I’m free to do so and my business keeps paying my bills.

That’s what I call the Dotcom Lyfe, or the laptop lifestyle. That’s my story. If This idea appeals to you follow me on my journey, and if you have any questions contact me at kevin@dotcomlyfe.com.