I suck at Halloween

Every year I get invited to a halloween party and I tell myself , “ this time I’m going to dress in a really cool costume.”  And invariably, that doesn’t happen. My costumes are always lame!

But at the party, there are always that handful of creative people that take a few household items and create epic costumes. And the funny thing is… those are often the ones that win the “best  costume” prizes.

In life, sometimes it is the ability to simplify things that works in your favor, and affiliate marketing is that way.

I am currently reviewing a product that is simple to follow and implement, yet will yield big results. It’s from the creative mind of  my friend and mentor Kam. Kam has an amazing ability to break things down in easy to follow steps.

He makes his living as an internet marketer and has done so for years. He also supports a wife and Kids ( and his wife is a stay at home mom).

Kam is the real deal, and this product teaches a method which is super  easy to do for anyone, even the greenest of greenhorns.

The product is in pre launch, but  it will be released soon, and as I learn more I will fill you in. But for now, just know this:

This average and ordinary guy, started with less than nothing and found a way to make a good living in a business which he created online. He has put the process he uses together in a video course which you can follow and duplicate. Not for nothing , but if he can do it , so can you.

Trust me when I say that I have invested a small fortune on “how to “courses, and some were great, but others where all hype and or unrealistic. But occasionally a guy like Kam comes along, and because of his humble roots, he can relate to the new entrepreneur and he anticipates the challenges and obstacles. The roadblocks are real, but he shows you how to avoid them or work around them.

To sum it up, not all that glitters is gold, many Gurus talk big but fall short on delivery. Some leaders in this industry truly understand that helping there clients is the best way to sustain long term success. Find the “gurus” that really have your best interest at heart and learn the techniques the teach. In my experience Kam is one of those guys.

Take it for what it is worth.

as always, I wish you you the best in all you do.

Captain Kevin


Stay tuned for updates on this soon to be released new course