List Building Black Ops is a training program created by Michael Cheney. Michael has a unique and effective marketing style, which has yielded him big returns.

In Black Ops, Michael reveals the closely held secrets of top marketers. The content is easy to follow and very thorough as well as concise. I use this myself and I will tell you about it here.

Building a list is really creating an asset, having a strong responsive list is the lifeblood of a successful online business.

All lists are not created equal….Better to have a small list of “super subscribers” than a large list of “ tire kickers”. In List building Black Ops you not only learn how to build a list, but how to build a quality list of ‘profit pumping Super Subscribers’.

​    4 Steps to a Profit Pumping List

         1. Freebie
2. Autoresponder

         3. Squeeze Page

         4. Traffic



Start with the end in mind. When creating your lead building machine, you must know who your target market is, who your ideal subscriber is. What do they need that you can give them?
Remember people are looking for what is in it for them.A little google research here pays large dividends, find out where your prospects hang out on line and look for common problems or pain points they share.

My niche is internet marketing/make money from home. Following the course instructions, I did some research and found that one problem that internet marketers face is writing emails that people take the time to actually read. So my freebie was a list of high converting subject lines, that get emails open.

I created a special report ​“ Over 329 profit pumping subject Lines”​ ( and there are actually 350 on the list). Creating the freebie is easy, and the details are covered in the training. But the point is, now I have a valuable free gift to help people along in their journey.


Your prospect must see your freebie as something that will help solve a problem for them. Something they want and need bad enough to give you their email address in exchange for it.
Remember, our goal is to collect a valid email address.


This is where the autoresponder comes in. The autoresponder is where you will collect and store your list. Once you have a list you can send broadcast , or scheduled emails to your list to keep them informed, continue to educate and offer value to them as well as make product suggestions and offers.

There are several good autoresponders these are the three most popular…

  • –  Get Response
  • –  Aweber ( I use This one )
  • –  Landing Page Monkey



Squeeze page or lead capture page is a tool used to collect your email addresses. It serves as the intermediary between your Freebie and Autoresponders.

Structuring the squeeze page properly is important. Keep it simple, arouse curiosity here and don’t reveal all.

All through this process Michael explains the fine points of how to say things and word things to build desire in the prospect. Understanding the mechanics is one thing , but the training here goes deep into the psychology of attracting the right prospects.


List Building Black Ops is not a traffic training course, but he does touch on the subject, and let’s face it, there are tons of methods for traffic , both free and payed for, and there are entire courses on the subject .

Traffic sources-



– Youtube

– Twitter

 These are just a few ways to find traffic, I have used My Blog,Facebook and Youtube so far. I recommend picking one source at a time and get good at it, and then add another and continue until you have several traffic sources.

 My honest opinion of List building Black Ops is two thumbs up ( and I only have two)! Michael Cheney is actually in the trenches every day doing this stuff AND making big bucks doing so. These are the methods he uses so why not follow a proven leader ?