Okay I’m just sitting here thinking about my first product launch. I am going over the whole process- and the end results, the good, the bad, the ugly.

It’ funny the  very word ‘launch’  just reminds me of the early days of the Space Program with NASA.

I was still in grade school when President Kennedy challenged the Russians in a  Race to the Moon. He made a famous speech in which he spoke about launching Rockets and  sending men to the moon.

Sending a man to the moon seemed impossible to most ordinary Americans at first,  but we are talking about the generation that survived WW II.

And if they believed they could do it, you could take it to the bank.

It took a series of baby steps to get there, they launched many unmanned rockets, and progressed to sending monkeys into space ( yeah, no lie monkeys) each step brought them, closer to the Moon.

And after each mission they did what they called a “debriefing”. They would analyze what they did right and what they did wrong and make adjustments. They kept moving forward until they finally put a man on the moon

“A giant leap for mankind “.

And that is how I see this launch in my mind, it was daunting at first. But I knew it was achievable. Now  perhaps to some of you reading this,  launching your first online product may seem like a small step.

But it was a giant leap for my business model.

You see up until now I was just an affiliate marketer selling other people’s products . Now  I am  a  product creator with inventory on the Shelf available for other people to buy and sell. I am building a sustainable business. I am looking into using monkeys in the future. If you are still with me, that was a joke. ( or was it ?)

I must say all in all, the ‘Connect the Dots for Profit’  launch went well. Of course just like  any new endeavor It had it’s challenges.

But I learned a ton !

And I had help from many friends, my mentors and a great coach who kept me on track and moving in the right direction.

Having a mentor /coach or just a mastermind group of people that support you and  your idea is essential to success.  

And in this case with my launch it was invaluable to have his help.

I also had a lot of great support from affiliates, which I appreciate very much and because of that – quite a few units were sold.

What I learned from this process is that it really isn’t that difficult, if you focus on helping other people.

That really is the bottom of line, find a group of people who may be a few steps behind you and help them up the ladder.   

The more you help people climb the ladder, the higher they will push you. That is the bottom line to a successful business model.

Fill a need, make a bundle!

The bottom line is this : product creation is a keystone to a sustainable business and now that is part of my Arsenal. “Connect the Dots to Profit”  was a success on many levels. The main thing for me was that it got me started on my path to becoming a product creator and I hope people put the info to use and achieve massive success.

I’m hooked,  So look for more products from Dotcom Lyfe in the very near future. We’re taking this baby to the Moon!

Thanks to everyone who supported me on this launch.  I  look forward to working with you in the future !