Lazy Man’s way to success

There is a simple proven formula for achieving success in any endeavor that you choose. I didn’t invent it but I have studied it and I have applied it to varying degrees of success. I have found that when I apply these principles that I seem to “magically” achieve my goals.

You may have heard of these and if so and you are still seeking success when you already hold the keys to the kingdom- why are you reading this article? Is it because like so many people, even though you know the keys to success…. You simply don’t apply them.

That’s okay don’t beat yourself up we all do that, but if you truly want to achieve your goals and you know they’re worth it, AND I KNOW YOU DESERVE IT AND CAN DO IT  you need to focus on following these steps and I’ll see you at the top.

These are the steps listed in Napoleon Hill’s famous book “Think and grow rich”, in this book which was published in 1937, Napoleon Hill outlines his 13 steps for success in any endeavor. I would highly recommend you read this book from cover to cover more than once and make these 12 steps part of your life. If you do, you will achieve all you set out to achieve in life and more than you ever dreamed of.

The 12 steps follow:

 1. Burning desire – You must have a burning desire for the goal that you have in mind 

 2. Faith- You must have faith that you can achieve that goal you must have faith that is attainable

 3. Auto suggestion – Write down your goals visualize yourself achieving them and how you will feel when you achieve them and then repeat them to yourself aloud morning and night until you have a vivid image and you can feel emotionally how you will feel when you have achieved those goals

 4. Specialized knowledge-  ie If your goal is to become a surgeon you must learn a few things before they’ll let you handle a scalpel, you must acquire specialized knowledge. (A good surgeon knows where the body parts are number one. LOL)

 5. Imagination – You must be able to imagine your task or your goal being completed and actually see in your mind’s eye what that looks like.

 6. Organized planning-  Put together a plan of action and put a time frame on achieving it and move your plan along accordingly.

 7. Decision- You must learn to make decisions quickly once you have the facts, this keeps you moving forward forward.

 8. Persistence- There will be setbacks, expect that, but  don’t give up, pick yourself up, dust yourself off, re-adjust your plan if you need to,  but move forward -remember you must have faith  that this is real and it will happen.

 9. Form or join a Mastermind group- This is a group of like-minded people that have the same goal or a similar goal in mind. This group of people must be willing to help each other and exchanges ideas, resources and encourangement to assist each other in reaching the goal.

 10.  The subconscious mind-  Learn to control your thoughts- filtering out the negative thoughts the limiting thoughts, the self-doubting thoughts and replace them with thoughts of Desire, Faith,  Love, Enthusiasm, Romance and Hope.

 11. The brain- He didn’t describe it this way in his book but he was talking about energy and how everything in existence is energy. We as people are energy and our brains put off brainwaves or certain types of Energies. Some people call it ‘the secret’ and many books have been written about it and it is the subject of movies as well. This is very simply the law of attraction. You attract what you think about, positive or negative and that is why you want to focus on positive thoughts and visualize that you have already achieved your desires. Once you decide what it is you want, picture it  in your mind and play it in your minds eye like a movie and you can play it over until it is so crystal clear that you feel like you are there, you will attract everything you need to achieve your goals.

12. The Sixth Sense-  The Sixth Sense is developed once you achieve and conquer all the other principles above, you will develop a sixth sense and it is your connection to the universe which will guide you. Be sure to listen to that inner voice and follow its guidance.

And that is a brief overview of Napoleon Hill’s book “Think and Grow Rich.”, of course you must think out of the box and you must believe these principles will work for you- otherwise it’s a waste of your time. I highly suggest that you pick up a copy of this book, study and  read it more than once give it a try for just  30 days-  if it doesn’t change your life I will give you my heartiest apology.

Ciao for now,