I went to high school with a guy who could barely read.

His attendance was poor at best and he dropped out after his junior year.

He would have likely had scored a very low IQ just because his reading was so bad.

He was also very athletic and a great scuba diver, fisherman and hunter.

He purchased his first house at 20 and was looking for tax shelters at 25. He was NOT a drug dealer.

He got into the family business as a kid, proved he had the business chops to run the show before he was 18, continued to grow the family fortunes until I lost track of him.

The guy outperformed MBAs all day long.

He didn’t care about IQ. He cared about happy employees, repeat ( and happy ) customers, and growing the business. He had amazing emotional intelligence (EQ).

As others have mentioned – IQ isn’t a great metric for life or career success. It just means you can do well on a particular type of test. The real world doesn’t care about your test scores – but it does care about your EQ.

Work on your EQ ( it’s growable ) and rock the world 🙂

( By the way the, I don’t have any pictures of my friend so the above photo is just an example of a business man who took over the family business and made a success of it. )

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