A Lead Magnet  is a ‘bribe’ offering  something of  value to a prospect in exchange for their contact information.

The goal of the Lead Magnet is to maximize the number of targeted leads you are getting for an offer, and build an audience of prospects which will get to know you , like you , and trust you.

An effective lead magnet will offer a specific solution to a known problem for your target audience.

A perfect lead magnet will be used immediately by your prospect and the more value they receive from it the better, the intent is to prove that we are a reliable source of help , ALWAYS OVER DELIVER HERE.


  • Training videos
  • Software
  • Cheat Sheets
  • Written Report
  • Product Review

5  Key Things your Lead Magnet Must Contain

  1. Make a huge promise
  2. Offer a specific solution
  3. Have a high perceived value
  4. Deliver a high actual value
  5. Be immediately consumed

Here is an example of a great lead magnet :

I use an easy to use , drag and drop lead magnet creation tool to create my lead magnets called Leadpages it is a one stop shop for lead magnets , landing pages etc.

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