I was “that Close “ to being a millionaire

Hello , and welcome to the Dotcomlyfe. My name is Kevin Mitchell and this my Blog about the Dotcomlyfe and how you can easily achieve it. More about that later. For now I have a ‘truth is stranger than fiction’ type tale for you.  A little about me and why I am here.

My dream was to be a millionaire…and I was almost there…..but life changed and  the bottom fell out !! But it was a great ride while it lasted…. and one hell of a learning experience. You see I was in my Mid thirties at the time and had a great job with a major corporation.

But fate took a  twist and the company I worked for was bought out by a larger company and shortly after the takeover due to re-organizing,  I found myself without a job. I sure didn’t see that coming ! But, don’t cry for me… before long I found gainful employment, but I was earning about $15,000 a year less than in my previous job. Now you know you live up to what you earn right? So …..

I was desperate to raise the extra $15,000 more per year to fill the gap in income. So I was seeking a part-time income when I went to a entrepreneur trade show to explore opportunities and I ran across an amusement device that appealed to a broad age group. It was a weightlessness simulator that was developed originally for the NASA space program called “ The human Gyro.’ I was immediately convinced that this device,in the right setting could generate a nice part time income.

I was right that the device would be popular , but it didn’t appear that away at first….for weeks and weeks I searched for the right location ( at the time I lived in  Orlando FL. which was and still is a very popular tourist area and I all I needed was to find a location in the middle of all the tourist traffic and success would be mine) To make a long story short, within a matter of months,I found a great location for the Gyro >>” Church street station”, a popular tourist area in downtown Orlando that hosted @ 3.5 million people annually, mostly tourist and a very busy night life. Once I was set up in that location –

 I was earning  in one day what I was making in one week at my regular job…..so before long it was Goodbye job, LOL …… and this was just the beginning…

As time went on, I learned enough about that business to expand it and within a few years was grossing three-quarters of a million annually. So you see how things can turn around on a dime sometimes? Sometimes the very thing that is meant to sink your ship is the very thing that motivates you to get out of the rut you are in,

and achieve your goals and live  your dreams.

After a successful 17 year run I sold the business and began to enjoy semi-retirement. Unfortunately retirement is expensive !!! And since I have a lot more life to live,  I am going to rebuild my retirement fund from proceeds I earn Online.

Earning a living online can offer financial freedom,location freedom,and time freedom, as well as provide an unlimited income, that is what I call the “dotcom Lyfe.”  Follow me , as I take the dotcomlyfe concept to a six figure annual income . Join me in my on going journey.


 If you are looking to earn extra income, part time or full time and would like to learn how to earn passive income in your sleep, I will be documenting my progress and as you follow along you can

look over my shoulder and learn from my mistakes !!

…so let’s light this candle!